Monday, July 11, 2016

Set in Stone

Or, crafted in concrete if you are designer Clodagh, focused on building, interiors and renovations...

In her own words: "There is a universality about the presence of concrete. Used for years as a building material, it is perfectly comfortable invited into a room as a piece of furniture. Warmer to the touch than stone and malleable as putty until it sets, it lends a powerful presence to a room."

Clodagh's love affair with concrete began when she left a fashion design career in Ireland.
"The reason I left fashion was that it was too ephemeral, and what I love about concrete is that it is eternal, and it takes on a gorgeous patina over time."

At Thursday evening's "Summer Soiree," Clodagh and Trueform introduced the Clodagh Collection, celebrating concrete forms and Clodagh's happy, new East 23rd Street Studio.

Railroad Concrete Bench
Studio view of the concrete jungle
Tables were staged with reclaimed wood accents, Tufenkian area rugs, Chista artifacts and flowers by Floreal.   Vegan fare was served.  Fresh, chilled Rose was enjoyed along with Clodagh's own homemade raspberry vodka.

Primitive Concrete Table
fresh refreshments...
The big surprise? One lucky raffle winner went home with new Doggie Dinnerware, well equipped to tackle the dog days of summer now upon us!

Clodagh and Trueform share their story...
Nomadic Coffee Table
Doggie Dinnerware
(quotes from press release) 

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