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Required Reading

Tonight is the eve of the Full Moon, a Harvest Moon, so called as it is the one that takes place closest to the autumnal equinox.

It is also called the Corn Moon because of its golden yellow color, rumored to allow farmers to see to harvest their crops longer into the night....

By definition, a Full Moon is opposite the sun, showing its fully lighted hemisphere, or “day” side. That’s what makes the moon look full. (Earth Sky)

On this night, another key celestial happening took place- a book signing for Ketty Maisonrouge's The Luxury Alchemist,  a concise insider's view of the inner workings of the luxury world, and a guide to those who aspire to launch or grow their own luxury brand.

Ketty's book has been over two years in the making but embodies a lifetime of intelligence, instinct and first hand experience . Her passion, creativity and art of execution know no limits...

Here is a glimpse of Ketty amidst the golden flora at Assouline tonight, under the Harvest Moon...

May she continue to reap the fruits of her labor and to share the magic of her craft with her students and industry colleagues alike.

a case of curiosities and collectibles at Assouline set the stage for The Luxury Alchemist book signing ...

Monday, September 16, 2013

fashion speak

Schiaparelli and Prada may have been an impossible conversation ...

but Chanel & Dior? quintessential Fashion Week speak !


Madison Avenue...

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at Columbus Circle ...
get the look:
1 grey hoodie
1 cozy scarf
1 graphic black and white print
1 pair black opaque tights
1 pair bright white All Stars
1 cross body bag, red or other pop color

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Sunday driver

On Sunday, I took a cab up the Henry Hudson Parkway to The Cloisters.  The scenery was alternately lush and green or steep and rocky, completely familiar but still awe inspiring. From my neighborhood, I was there in about twenty minutes flat, the cab driver confirming he knew the museum though he had himself not been.

After a few hours in The Cloisters, details of which you can read in yesterday's blog post,  I exited the museum and considered my options to return home - cab, bus, or subway.  I decided to take the M4 bus which circles directly in front of the museum and makes all local stops along Fort Washington Avenue then down Broadway to West 110th street before crossing to the East side.

At the start of the route, we moved slowly along a narrow stretch of residences and parks, then past churches and schools.  As we took one curve along the narrow tree lined street near 181st street, I glimpsed a kind of a sidewalk flea with coats and blouses hanging on clothesline tied between two trees.  I noticed a lady in a red dress and red shoes, then around the bend, an elderly woman in a white gauze skirt. Each person and scene had an almost vintage feel, as did the neighborhood itself.

Here are a few snapshots I managed from the bus window as we made the crawl down the wider, more commercial part of the Avenue, all the while offering positive reinforcement to the female driver, first over one passenger who left his bag up front but refused to claim it: "Didn't I ask who left their bag up here?" ; then over an elderly woman in a shawl who insisted she had no change to pay; then over another in a form fitting floral print dress and LVMH bag who got the change to pay the old lady's fare but apparently then did not pay her own , " These two don't pay and then they have the nerve to talk about me?'

The woman seated behind me chatted on her phone, detailing a story about having to call 911 on her daughter for erratic behavior on the afternoon she had been released from St Luke's. "It has not been a great Summer!"  

Outside, the street appeared calm. It was Sunday after all....

a good smoke on a step

a cool drink by the donut shop

a slow stroll to G&K Food
a tall text outside the pawn shop
architecture and ornament along the route
Washington Heights is a New York City neighborhood in the northern reaches of the borough of Manhattan. It is named for Fort Washington, a fortification constructed at the highest point on Manhattan island by Continental Army troops during the American Revolutionary War, to defend the area from the British forces. Washington Heights is bordered by Harlem to the south, along 155th street, Inwood to the north along Dyckman Street, the Hudson River to the west and Harlem River to the east. (Wikipedia)

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a visit to the fifteenth century for fashion week

Sunday... I took a break from where we are going to journey to where we have been...

the approach to The Cloisters...

In almost 30 years of living in NYC, I have never visited The Cloisters.

I do remember vividly though getting to cut school when I was young to come into the city with my mother for the exhibition of The Unicorn Tapestries at The Metropolitan Museum of Art...  Still spellbinding ...

'The Unicorn in Captivity', late Middle Ages, France

Immediately upon entering the museum, I was drawn to music in the 12th century chapel, where I came upon 40 speakers set up in a ring...
The 'installation' was by Canadian Janet Cardiff, the music from a choral masterpiece “Spem in Alium” composed around 1570 by Thomas Tallis.

Visitors were encouraged to wander between the speakers or to sit on the chapel bench to witness the sound.  I can only say that the experience set a transformative tone for my morning...

I loved the gardens, quiet and lush with various herbs and flowers; and apples on the trees! 

I thought it was strategic of Rockefeller to have purchased the land across the Hudson River when he assembled this site back in the 1930's, to protect the stunning views for the museum...

These were my 'picks', though the glass and copper and mother of pearl decorative objects and the religious treasures were equally magnificent to gaze upon...

Pouch, France, 14th century, embroidered, popular story or pastime theme...

Playing Cards, 15th century, ink, tempera and metal foil on pasteboard,
Franco-Flemish inspired models and hunt symbols

The Cloisters celebrates its 75th Anniversary through 2013. 
The magical Unicorn Tapestries live on....wool, silk, silver and gilded threads fit for the style of any great century!


Saturday, September 7, 2013

drab is as drab does

today was an army green scene!!


fifty shades of green on Columbus Ave....