Thursday, August 27, 2015

Segmented Realities

jose parla at the standard high line

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ahoy, Nautical Nomad!

On the town today with Tia Cibani and her Spring Summer 2016 Kids' Collection!

The theme: Nautical Nomad

The shapes: Boat necks, Ponchos, Jackets, Sailor Pants, Cardigans, Capelets, Billows...

The fabrics:  Cotton, Gauze, Jersey, Linen, Taffeta, Denim, Poplin, Seersucker, Silk...

The details: Stripes, Eyelet, Patchwork, Plackets, Pleats...

The colors: Red, White, Mediterranean Blue, Saffron Yellow...

The accessories:  Ribbons, Ropes, Beads, Buttons, Knots, Cords...

The cupcakes: Billie's, of course (local city sustenance for metropolitan mates!)

Tia Cibani Kids clothes and cupcakes, Chelsea studio...

for more about Tia's women's and kids' collections: 

Ahoy, mates!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

casual couture

p is for... pretty in the park wearing a pink Pucci print

in Central Park...

Friday, August 7, 2015

jess and the laundress

once upon a time in the town of petaluma, californa there lived a rag doll artisan named jess brown.

she made dolls of sustainable corn fiber stuffing and bits of recycled, antique fabric and trim, with hand sewn, heart shape mouths, embroidered eyes, and hand stitched felted hair.

so prolific was jess that she came to design doll accessories, write storybooks and present commissions to clients across the land, including one famous designer who featured her creations in store windows from beverly hills to new york to milan!

as the popularity of her dolls grew, so did her collection, to apparel for moms and throws for the home and even full size quilts and coverlets!

one day, jess heard from gwen whiting and lindsey boyd, the two dynamic women behind the laundress. lindsey's daughter owned a beloved jess brown doll.

their passion for fabric and fashion paralleled that of hers with their comprehensive line of allergen free, non toxic, 100% biodegradable detergents, conditioners and washes to take care of the beautiful things you love and protect the environment, too.

a new collaboration was born!!

jess brown for the laundress, a one of a kind heirloom doll made of entirely washable cotton muslin, available with blonde or brunette hair and her own wash & stain bar made from vegetable soap, borax and essential oils.

remember, patience is always a virtue!  all dolls are cut to order so please allow up to two weeks for your special delivery....  And each doll has button shoulders and may not be appropriate for a child under 3 years of age... 

you can learn more about jess in the "people we love" feature on the laundress blog and find tips galore for baby, family and home care on their information-rich, lifestyle site.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

journeys with jess brown

What a happy surprise to find jess brown and friends at Playtime New York show today!

A pigeon with pom presided over the mini atelier which included paper dolls, Parisian plumed flappers, ballerinas, beauties with cross body bags, a few fur collars for a quick change, one fine brown burro and the softest, rainbow woven doll pillow and throw for the weariest of our intrepid travelers ...

jess brown design at Playtime New York

Not to worry,  jess's latest book collaborations were there, too, and a linen covered coloring book for those long summer road trips...

Sweet travels! Sweet dreams!