Sunday, October 3, 2010

fashion is love, sunday, santa monica

fashion is love!

today is the first day of my blog!
i am sitting on the boardwalk in front of Shutters.
it is Sunday and though still before 9 a.m, the beach is busy with the usual suspects: surfers, cyclists, bladers, walkers and more ...
i am sitting on the concrete wall along the beach when HOP, a little girl lands next to me!
bunny? princess? ballerina? all three?
pouf! pigtailed and smiling and perfectly pink from head to toe, she goes hop hop hopping along the wall, then jumps down just as quickly to her pink bicycle and attending father...
if i had not been camped out with cappuccino, NYT, and tote, i would have hopped right after her as she dashed to the sand and flirted with the gulls, her tiara and tutu a vision even from afar.
instead, i stayed where i was and thought of the coincidence in having just seen Alice and Wonderland on the flight out.
this confection of a child would never lose her muchness!

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