Thursday, September 16, 2010

fashion week, or, a blog is born....

this is a note i wrote to my friends at Milly on the day after the Spring show:

Hi Millies!

I loved the show, loved the color combinations, some of which were quite daring and provocative, i thought, and only wish i could wear a head wrap.... the long dresses were particularly stunning, the coats one of a kind collectibles!

And i thought the bags were beautiful! Also 'forever items.' Congratulations!

And now, a little story from Deborah:

When we entered the show, we were told to sit in any untaken seat.
We promptly sat.

A few moments before the start of the show, someone came up the steps apologizing and saying her seat had been changed. 
We were confused as to what she was asking when we realized that she meant for us to move. She was not that assertive about the whole thing and it was odd since we were all seated and it was a 'done deal' at this point but she kind of just stood there like a lost pup.

Puzzled, and not thinking at all about budging, I stayed put, being on the aisle as it was.
A young woman down the row scooted over and told us there was room for another and instructed us to all scoot down toward her.
I looked up in suprise given were were already packed in like sardines and the woman in question was, let's say, not my size...

Well, the woman down the row took the lead again and repeated to all to scoot down, commenting dispassionately, " We will just be sitting for a few moments, it's fine."

I turned to look at her like she was a little bit out of bounds to make decisions on behalf of me and my friend when she looked right back at me, shrugged and stated, " Fashion is love."

"You think so?" was what i was thinking, but i kept my mouth shut.

And that was my fashion show moment du jour.......................

ONLY IN NEW YORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I think that I will call my future blog 'fashion is love' and tell this story for the rest of my life....!)

My friends at Milly replied as follows :

Fashion is LOVE.
Love it (smiley face)

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