Wednesday, August 9, 2017

from anchovy, with love

what's in a name?  

at Anchovy a Lithuania based kids' fashion collection presented at Playtime Show this week, the answer is color!

Giedre, the artist and founder behind the line, works with an interactive, customized app that essentially translates the theme words of her choice into each garment's wash of gradient color. 

sound complicated?  Giedre demonstrated for me with the word of my choice: beauty
we simply typed into her phone app and watched as a field of color filled the screen. 

the collection, hiding from the sun, and Anchovy's innovative silhouettes, colors and patterns in European sourced cotton, linen and silk, also caught the eye of Pirouette blog, who bestowed upon the team their coveted One to Watch Award!

Playtime New York

Pirouette blog 

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