Tuesday, February 16, 2016

in the garden

Inspired by Frida Kahlo, Tia Cibani Kids welcomes us into a lush collection.
Art Garden Life is infused with vivid color, pattern and texture.

The botanical and cactus inspired designs celebrate life with tassels, tulle, pom poms, flora and fauna embellishments drawn from both desert and jungle.

photo courtesy Tia Cibani Kids

When not mesmerized by crisp capelets and perfect pleats of almost ceremonial style silk pieces, we are seduced by the softest cashmere color-blocked cardigans, leggings and caps which complement the layered story.

photo courtesy of Instagram @tiacibanikids 

The color palette ranges from the softest, pastel hints of rose, sky, mint and lilac to deeper pigments --coral, green, purple, golden yellow and earth brown -- artfully applied to silhouettes drawn from traditional Mexican clothing and Frida's trademark combinations. 

Surreal? Tia boldly taps the heritage and power of Frida Kahlo and interprets each for today's modern dreamer, who in this artful vision, happens to be a beautiful child...

photo courtesy Instagram @tiacibanikids 


  1. Such cute kid’s outfits. The event looks great. I wish I could attend it!! Anyways, thanks for the pictures! Very soon I will also be attending such an event at one of local event space NYC. Hoping to see similar creative work over there!