Friday, June 8, 2012

the long and the short of it

sun, rain, humidity, wind ..... who can guess these days what each hour will bring weather wise!

some are determined to brave the elements to tell their short story as we slip into summer -- 

yesterday, i spotted two photo worthy upper west siders wearing long locks and lace with their short shorts...  and flowers and plaid and prints to boot....even on their boots!

short cut to 96th street subway station locks, lace tights, floral print shorts, sweater, shoulder bag, plaid rain boots

a copy cat at the 98th street copy locks, lace tights, black shorts, tee, lace print bag, suede ankle boots. thank you for letting me take your photo, satya!

today, we lucked into some real summer weather and with it, a clear shift in the approach to shorts chic:

a mad dash: not the girl in the billboard, i am speaking about the slow and steady great ochre/grey combination with leather belt and cross body bag. the loose wavy hair and clean white flip flops are this urbanite's nod to summer....

 head for the cooler ....white is always right, leaving it to lace again but this time with strappy thong sandals and lots of skin to go with the statement tattoo and tote....add a notch to her look for the cinch belt!

did someone say tattoo? one shoulder top with color of the moment coral shorts and sporty two tone flip flops makes the girl on the right alright!

her friend expresses her own point of view, playing perfectly with pastels - baby blue sweater and peach bloomer style banded short shorts with laced Keds in updated anthracite... one wears her hair up,  the other say tomato and i say tomahto....

shall we dance?  near lincoln center, denim shorts, classic navy sweatshirt, laced leather ankle boots and my fave, big hair. an oversized natural leather satchel finishes the look. the yoga mat in pink adds an accessory she clearly takes seriously....

that's it for my shorthand on shorts ! happy weekend !! remember, fashion is love!

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