Saturday, May 12, 2012

why not?

sometimes an image leaves an imprint on me.

approaching cafe como no from the winding bend below its hilly perch

it is Mother's Day weekend and maybe because the city streets today were full of families strolling and sounds of giggling children and flowers flowers everywhere, what is on my mind is the joyful posada i witnessed in Punta Mita, Mexico late last year from the rooftop terrace of Cafe Como No (Cafe Why Not, in English).  my colleague and friend Cynthia took me there for a 'study break' from work one evening just before the sunset over Banderas Bay.  we wandered down the main street on foot past colorful painted restaurant and store fronts just feet from the beach below.

colors, shapes and textures on the varied doors and store fronts

scarlett is an artistic beach boutique with my favorite heart motif. its sister location is in sayulita.

we had to round a bend in the road and climb a small hill to access the cafe, just far enough off the beaten path and just work enough to find to make the ultimate discovery all the more sweet. then, the embrace of the plants and the welcoming iron gate signaled 'home'...

the simple charm of cafe como no

i remember that it was unexpectedly windy on the roof and we moved down to the garden courtyard, but not before the music sounded and the small band of children began their procession down the hill.

the children descend the hill
can you find the burro?

the posada passes by
what could be more innocent than the sight of children participating in a traditional Christmas festival, this the dramatization of the search of Joseph and Mary for lodging.

a quick photo looking out to the bay as dusk comes...

in the lush patio, we are safe from the wind. Cynthia orders the most amazing Pie in the Sky mini molten chocolate cake, a feature on the menu much to my delight. i have passed Pie in the Sky on the ride up to the resort for years now but never sampled the melt in your mouth confections firsthand.
the sweep of sunset through the bouganville; note the monkey...
a young couple joins us on the patio, but otherwise it is just me, Cyn, the monkey, and our sincerely conversational server with whom i managed to communicate almost in mime due to my non existent Spanish.

dusk falls and the lanterns go on

the charming wooden garden gate; there was a fountain, too...

we can hear one of the owners in the open kitchen off the main dining room, clanging pans in preparation for the dinner crowd to come, not too unlike the joyful noise of the children who paraded by...

Cafe Como No:
Pie in the Sky :

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