Sunday, February 6, 2011

You're Blushing

It is a new year, almost Valentine's Day, and things are looking rosy.
Which reminds me.....

Back in November, I visited the Kips Bay Show House. My hands down favorite 'room' was outside, off the town house kitchen, a simple gravel garden with a patch of green grass and a pink pergola of a sort. The scale was great and it just had a whole lot of attitude and really made me smile.

I wrote to my eleven year old niece about it, describing what an interior design show house was in the first place and allowing as how I did not really know if my discovery was by definition a pergola or not but that she could ask her mom or dad to google for more detail.

"Cool color," I gushed. 'Like a surprise and unexpected and amusing!'

Charlotte wrote back, 'I love it its just a simple garden and then....bam!!!   its pink!!!!!!!'

'Your are SO right,' I replied.

'Its so pretty!!! I wish we could have one, but I dont' know how the rest of my family would feel about pink.'

I dont' know either, really, but during the weeks of snow we have been having lately, I found myself trekking up Park Avenue with my rose colored glasses anew, gazing upon Will Ryman's Rose Garden, featuring voluptuous petals that seemed to kiss the snow, to blossoms that reached to the skies, complete with the requisite garden beetle and, I admit, just a few thorns.

Think pink, folks!  It's perfectly pertinent!!


  1. Hi Deb -- congrats! love the pink post and since everything is coming up pink roses, such good timing. Love the blog and happy to be your first comment. xo tamara of nest

  2. thanks again for all your support!