Tuesday, June 12, 2012

marc my words,

you will be hearing lots about Jess Brown.

from her Fall Fashion Week 'debut' with Bottega Veneta (see September post on this blog), to her February feature in Martha Stewart Living, to the launch of her womens and home design collections  'bits & pieces'  in March, to a soon to be aired Today Show story, Jess is having a moment, or two or three.....

along with the haute hullabaloo also come the overwhelming ooh la la's surrounding the charming book Kiki & Coco in Paris,  launched in late 2011.

it does not take a bite into a madeleine for me to recall the precious party with Jess held in Washington, DC in October but how fun to have her right here on NYC turf for a day!

just a hop and a skip from the Christopher Street subway stop and a walk over to Little Marc Jacobs last Thursday and there they were, "les collaboratrices":  photographer Stephanie Rausser; 'star' of the story Kiki; co-star of the story, the one of a kind doll Coco;  Jess Brown herself; and author/publisher Nina Gruener, lined up in a neat row behind a child's height table, looking like school girls, or dare i say, much like dolls...

super chouette! Vogue Bambini blogger and California groupies were in attendance, too! and quite the doll entourage in prime window seat locations!

yet another benchmark, a book signing at little marc....

from left to right, nina, kiki, stephanie, coco, and jess!

star power....
no who's who, this doll holds her own!

stephanie signs a book for vogue bambini guest...
fashion friends in attendance, all the way from CA!
madeleines, macaroons and perriers, perfect elixirs!

dolls on a window vent, venting about fickle fashion trends and such....

Merci to Little Marc Jacobs...  for gathering the California gang in The Big Apple...  to share un petit morceau de Paris!

only in New York!

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